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Dr. Stephanie Cowan

Accredited Practising Dietitian, PhD

Dr. Stephanie Cowan is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist. She is dedicated to providing an authentic and individual experience for each of her clients by focusing on the needs of each individual. 

Stephanie completed her PhD in the area of chronic inflammation. Her research is focused on the development of a whole diet approach to treat and manage inflammation in patients with chronic conditions. 

Her role as a researcher and lecturer at Monash University ensures she is up to date with the latest dietary information. She prides herself on using an evidence-based yet forward thinking approach to nutrition to help empower clients to take control of their health.  

I was involved at every point of my management, and as a result I felt like it was tailored to my food - and lifestyle - preferences. I was referred by my doctor for high cholesterol and expected to be placed on yet another low-fat diet. But to my surprise, after listening to my views, we didn't even talk about fat! Instead, we focused on increasing the diversity of foods in my diet.    


Why Us?

The team at Stephanie Cowan Nutrition has their finger on the pulse of the latest research and news in health and nutrition. 

Stephanie is based at Monash University where she assists the Nutrition and Dietetics department to develop and deliver cutting edge teaching and education materials. These include:

Monash University Food as Medicine free open online course - available at 

Using Food as Medicine Fighting Inflammation recipe collection - available at

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